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What is engineering? Branch of Engineering? Trending Engineering Jobs?

What is engineering? Branch of Engineering? Trending Engineering Jobs?

Engineering is the art of science, also a branch of science and Technology with primary purpose to design and build the latest technology or technology that can help many individual with limited resources and time.

Engineering is also a branch of scientific study to design, build and use the resources effectively. In another word it is the action by which you can bring art to life.

There are many Branch of Engineering. The most common branch of engineering around the globe among the students are :

1) Computer Science Engineering : Computer science engineering is the branch of engineering that deals with the latest trends in the technology dealing with system, software, applications. Normally people thinks computer engineering deals with the computer parts but thats really a IT engineering that deals with the hardware parts of the computers.

2) Civil Engineering : Civil Engineering is the Branch of Engineering that deals with the civil structures like Buildings, Roads, Bridge, Towers, etc.

3) Mechanical Engineering : Mechanical engineering is the heart of Engineering who works with the machine, for the machine and to the machine. They work with the design making to design implementation to design execution with as high efficiency as possible for better outcome.

4) Electronic Engineering : Electronic engineering deals with the electronic devices and its part and nature of its behavior and functionality.

5) Electrical Engineering : Electrical engineering deals with the electricity and its all components. Its also deals with the nature and behavior of current and Voltage.

6)Others : Other branch of engineering consists of Aeronautical Engineering ( Deals with aircraft), Chemical Engineering ( Deals with the chemical and reactors that user any types of chemicals), Automobile Engineering, Architecture, Food Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, etc…

Trending Engineering Jobs : If you have done engineering or planning to do engineering in near future then you might wanna know or curious about what are the famous, trending and highest paying jobs in the engineering job sector. Let us say that no engineering is low or high by profession but only a matter of requirements in the place or country. In the context of Nepal these are the trending jobs in Engineering fields :

  • Computer engineering : 20%
  • Civil Engineering : 30%
  • Electrical Engineering : 15%
  • Electronic Engineering : 10%
  • Mechanical Engineering : 10%
  • Other Engineering : 15%


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